A “sweetener” that succeeds in convincing my palate it’s sugar!

Tried one or another artificial sweetener – for decades. They all sucked AFAIC…including many Stevias. Finally, found one that works. Not that I used sugar for anything, anyway. But, I always liked a touch in my 4th cuppa in the morning.

Now, I just open one of these wee packets and pour little granules into my coffee and “voila!”. Just the right flavor and sensation of sweetness for me.

Thank you, Truvia.

A new model of a fundamental process of Earth’s global dynamics

Pacific Ring of Fire

The tectonic plates that form the Earth’s surface are like puzzle pieces that are in constant, very slow motion – on average, they move only up to around 10 centimeters a year. But these puzzle pieces don’t quite fit together: there are zones on one plate that end up plunging under another – the so-called subduction zones, central to the dynamics of the planet. This movement is slow, but it can lead to moments of great energy release and, over thousands of years, large mountain ranges or marine trenches are formed in these regions.

How do these subduction zones originate, and how do they evolve over time? Geologists already knew that in these zones, on a time scale of thousands of years, this process can stagnate and reverse itself, giving rise to new subduction zones. But it was still necessary to know how this happens, and to include in the models the various (and enormous) forces involved in this process. For the first time, it was possible to simulate in three dimensions one of the most common processes of formation of new subduction zones, ensuring that all forces are dynamically and realistically modeled, including Earth’s own gravity…

Each of the simulations that led to these results took up to a week to process on a supercomputer at the Johannes Gutenberg University (Germany). But it could have taken weeks, or even months, to run on this supercomputer – had it not been for the computational code recently developed at this University, significantly more efficient than other available codes…

This model opens up a new range of perspectives and represents the starting point for studying specific regions of our planet: “We are now applying these models to specific cases, such as the subduction zones that are starting in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Caribbean, the Scotia Arc, next to Antarctica, and on the Southwest Portuguese margin, and which could lead to the closing of the Atlantic Ocean. The 1755 Lisbon earthquake may have been the harbinger of the beginning of subduction on our margin, and there are marine geology data that support it”, concludes João Duarte.

Progress, the frequency of new and/or improved analyses change with the quality of methods of analyzing data…analyzing the analyses drawn from this data. It can affect us all, eventually.

BTW – The second link in this post brings you to a good deal more information and detail.

Need a car amid this sales disaster, these might be a good place to start

Genesis G80

Even in this market, some new vehicles just aren’t selling.

The auto industry has yet to bounce back from the ongoing global semiconductor shortage, with production still constrained across the globe. Prices of cars both new and old have skyrocketed, as a large number of dealers struggle to keep stock on their lots. Despite the pandemic-driven lack of choice on the market right now, not every vehicle is able to attract willing customers. These are the 2022 model year vehicles that dealers can’t move off their lots. So they’re the ones on which you might get a deal.

Our friends at Edmunds provided R&T with sales data for 2022 model year vehicles sold this past February. We excluded the results for 2021 model year vehicles, as they made up just 10 percent of new vehicle sales last month. According to the data set, the average new vehicle sold in 2022 has sat on a dealer lot for just 16.7 days before transacting. That’s one of the fastest rates on record, and one that highlights the insanity taking place at local dealers. Of course embedded in every average, is the low end of the curve. The anomalies. The cars that stick around, almost unwanted…

The Genesis G80 found itself as the champion of the slow-sellers in February, taking an average of 86.4 to leave the dealer lot. That isn’t a shock, as dwindling sedan sales and a lack of brand recognition among buyers actively work against Genesis. That said, the G80 is a fantastic offering and one that should have put other automakers on notice…Especially if you can snag one without paying a pandemic-inflated price.

That last sentence is one of the keys to this article. I can only add from personal experience here on Lot 4…if you’re interested in buying direct from the lot. Ordering a new automobile to spec can be an exercise in futility. My wife has been waiting almost 10 months for a Ford she ordered. With no delivery date in sight. She has more patience than a Red Sox fan.