Look, look! A new Hummer EV with taillights that work


Recalls are common and are often proactive, sometimes issued before owners are aware of a problem in manufacturing or an engineering oversight. And the latest vehicle recall affects the flagship General Motors EV—because of a tail light.

The GMC Hummer EV is seeing a sweeping recall because software in the tail light assembly can cause the lamp to become inoperable. Sounds minor, but operating tail lamps are extremely important for vehicle safety.

[Golly! I didn’t know that.]

This recall comes after a GM employee sent in a Speak Up for Safety report to GM after doing some field studies. It’s expected this recall will affect all 2022 GMC Hummer EVs built before January 20, 2022. Fortunately for GMC and General Motors as a whole, the grand total of Hummers affected is 10.

How many years has this incompetent car company been around? Wouldn’t you think that by now they would have figured out how to make tail lights that worked?