Trump’s cowboy guilty as charged

Critter with the biggest ears is nature’s own jackass. The other one is a New Mexican politician.

A federal judge found “Cowboys for Trump” leader Couy Griffin guilty of a misdemeanor charge connected to the Capitol attack, handing the Justice Department a victory in the second trial stemming from the insurrection on January 6, 2021…

Griffin faces up to a year in prison on the misdemeanor charge of trespassing on restricted Capitol grounds. The judge set his sentencing for June 17…

“The defendant was entering an area knowing that area was restricted to the public, and he entered it anyway,” prosecutor Janani Iyengar said…

“The mere presence of people in that restricted area created a security issue for the vice president. That’s the reason the vice president had to evacuate,” she said.

Just another Trump idjit pretending to know what he don’t know, disobeying laws he doesn’t understand. His latest demonstration of support for his ring-ding ideology turned out 3 people on horseback. Including himself.

One thought on “Trump’s cowboy guilty as charged

  1. Criminently says:

    President Trump on Thursday retweeted a video of a supporter saying that the “only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” The man in the video is a New Mexico politician who faced calls to resign after making the remark earlier this month.
    Mr. Trump at midnight retweeted a video from Cowboys For Trump featuring the group’s founder, Couy Griffin, who is also the Otero County commissioner. The clip shows Griffin speaking to a crowd of supporters.” (5/28/20)
    CBS News asked Griffin Thursday if he stood by his statement in the video and he replied, “Well, no.” He said did not wish “physical harm on any individual person.”
    Cowboys for Trump founder also defends his ‘go back to Africa’ comments

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