A right-wing favorite is back — Banning books confronting bigotry

Attempts to ban books in the United States surged in 2021 to the highest level since the American Library Association began tracking book challenges 20 years ago, the organization said Monday.

Most of the targeted books were by or about Black and L.G.B.T.Q. people, the association said.

Book challenges are a perennial issue at school board meetings and libraries. But more recently, efforts fueled by the country’s intensely polarized political environment have been amplified by social media, where lists of books some consider to be inappropriate for children circulate quickly and widely.

Challenges to certain titles have been embraced by some conservative politicians, cast as an issue of parental choice and parental rights. Those who oppose these efforts, however, say that prohibiting the books violates the rights of parents and children who want those titles to be available…

The library association said it counted 729 challenges last year to library, school and university materials, as well as research databases and e-book platforms. Each challenge can contain multiple titles, and the association tracked 1,597 individual books that were either challenged or removed.

It never ends. To some small extent, all politics are generally accepting of some level of censorship. Everything from science to social group standards offer acceptable reasons for bans. From this small individual outpost that has wandered this nation’s culture and conclusions for more than a few decades, the most common excuses I’ve witnessed are offered to perpetuate someone bigoted birthright.

Which is a constitutional crap rationale!

6 thoughts on “A right-wing favorite is back — Banning books confronting bigotry

  1. RaPaR says:

    Burning books is not a right wing thing, although it happens to be primarily Repugnantcans that are warming their buns at the book burnings. This is an activity with a long and glorious past perpetrated by Christians and began millennia ago when they opposed gospels they thought written by heretics, religious writings by other religions, and any thing else they didn’t care for.

    Here we are again, the backwards people – flat-Earthers; evangelicals, conservative Repugnantcans, various other ignorami – back doing what they love most: terrorizing others.

  2. 451℉ says:

    (April 7, 2022): “The literary and free expression organization PEN America today released a new Index of School Book Bans and accompanying report, Banned in the USA, that documents the alarming spike in censorship of books in school districts across the country over the past nine months, with individual books and even whole categories of books—many related to race, racism, sexual orientation and gender identity— disappearing from school library shelves and barred from classrooms and curricula. The organization said the widespread censorship was unparalleled in its intensity and frequency and represents a serious threat to free expression and students’ First Amendment rights. This report constitutes the first detailed, book by book, district by district account of what books are being banned, where in the country, and through what procedures.”

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