New Study Finds Even More Microplastics in Your Body

The more experts learn about microplastics and their impact on human bodies, the worse it seems to get. Just this week researchers at the Medical University of Vienna published a new study in the journal Exposure and Health that summarizes all the current knowledge about micro- and nanoplastic particles (MNPs), and how they end up in our gut.

Spoiler alert — it’s almost 100,000 particles per year if you drink from plastic bottles.

MNPs are small, but they aren’t all the same. According to a press blurb about the study published on the school’s website, microplastics are 0.001 to 5 millimeters in size and can sometimes be invisible to the naked eye, while nanoplastics are defined as being less than 0.001 millimeters in size…

Professor and study co-author Lukas Kenner told the university’s press office there’s no shortage of ill effects from consuming microplastics, but that it’s even worse for people who already struggle with chronic disease.

RTFA and the first critical change you’ll learn is bringing a halt to consuming water from plastic bottles. The worst you’ll learn is that science and technology haven’t been charged to keep this stuff out of our systems and we haven’t yet a clear idea how to remove the stuff already in our systems, yet.

I would suggest being more careful and doing your best to keep from polluting your chemistry set in the first place.

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