Tesla Cybertruck Close up

Have to admit I hadn’t realized this critter is a full size 4-door pickup truck. The photos I’ve seen didn’t do a proper job of illustrating the actual size. Makes it even more interesting now that Elon Musk has put an end to the rumors of Tesla discontinuing progress towards production of this model. After all, pickups are the leading category of automotive models in the GOUSA. If Tesla is to compete broadly in the marketplace, it must offer models in as many important categories as practical.

One thought on “Tesla Cybertruck Close up

  1. Whoosh says:

    “I hate to sort of give a little bit of bad news,” Musk told the enthusiastic crowd at Tesla’s 2022 shareholder meeting this week after announcing that the long-awaited truck’s “specs and pricing will be different” from the $39,900 he promised three years ago.
    Not only will the trucks cost more — and Musk didn’t specify the new price — but they might also take another year to ship, per the Tesla CEO. https://www.theverge.com/2022/8/5/23293309/tesla-cybertruck-price-expensive-elon-musk-shareholder

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