5 thoughts on “Turn up the volume…

  1. Trivia says:

    “Easy Rider” ends with two “Rednecks in a pickup truck (who) use a shotgun to blast both men from their bikes. The camera climbs high into the sky on a crane, pulling back to show us the inevitable fate, I guess, of anyone who dares to be different.”
    Roger Ebert “A cinematic snapshot of the ‘60s” (October 24, 2004)
    The scene in which Billy and Wyatt are shot and killed was filmed on Louisiana Highway 105 North, just outside Krotz Springs, and the two other men in the scene—Johnny David and D.C. Billodeau—were locals, who also provided their pickup truck. They were released and sent home after they requested another $25 apiece to continue working after lunch, which is why their pickup doesn’t appear on the highway in the closing shot from a helicopter (a widening ‘pull back’) of Billy’s bike burning with Wyatt’s on the highway in the deep background.

  2. Footnote says:

    Thích Quảng Đức was a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk who burned himself to death at a busy Saigon road intersection on 11 June 1963. Quảng Đức was protesting the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government led by Ngô Đình Diệm, a staunch Roman Catholic. Photographs of his self-immolation circulated around the world, drawing attention to the policies of the Diệm government.
    Eventually, a U.S.-backed coup toppled Diệm, who was assassinated on 2 November 1963.

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