Medicare for ALL – Grand Prize Winner CVS Art Contest

The artist’s INSTAGRAM Page … And more of her work.

Clicking the link above takes you to her Instagram site. It includes a collection of her talented work.

When you get to that site, you can click on her poster again … and that will take you to her personal statement about the award and her support for @nationalnurses who are at the opposite end of the political spectrum from CVS.

This is essentially the progression I followed after I decided to post about her award. It seems reasonable to me that if Ella Endo has declared support for @nationalnurses, I should include that endorsement. Though I wasn’t aware of this particular campaign beforehand, it appears worthwhile and folks who “get there from here” likely already know enough about my personal politics that you ain’t about to be surprised by my support for a nurses union. 🙂


World’s #3 shipping company says “No more plastic waste aboard our ships!”

Letter to their customers

As part of its renewed commitment towards more sustainable trade, the CMA CGM Group announced its decision to no longer carry plastic waste on our ships as of June 1st, 2022. This landmark decision in the shipping industry will help protect the oceans and biodiversity.

To enforce this commitment while maintaining sufficient anticipation buffer for our customers, we kindly inform you that no plastic waste will be loaded onboard CMA CGM Group’s vessels as from April 15th, 2022. Plastic waste is identified under HS code category 3915.

To ensure effectiveness of this measure, we have set up ban on HS code for commodities concerned in our booking system. Please note that false declarations on the nature of the goods will lead to a blacklisting of the incriminated entity.

Do not hesitate to contact you usual CMA CGM sales representative for more information.

Thank you for acting with us today for a more sustainable future.

I say “Bravo!” Thank you very much.

Where is everyone?

That bottom bar in each infographic is children up to 4 years old. That portion will diminish ~38%. The infographic below these (switchable) two is interesting in how the researchers foresee response to modern alternatives – by country. They expect the GOUSA to continue to grow, albeit minimally. They expect the population of China to drop ~48%, Brazil ~28%, Japan ~58%. Consider what that means to per capita income, the overall stress on infrastructure, many other parameters.

And it’s only a beginning.