US Ends Anti-Satellite Missile Tests — Asks Everyone Else to Join In

The United States will no longer conduct anti-satellite tests, Vice President Kamala Harris announced Monday. With this declaration, the country seeks to establish a new norm for responsible behavior in space.

“We have consistently condemned these tests and called them reckless, but that is not enough,” Harris said. “Today we are going further. I am pleased to announce that as of today, the United States commits not to conduct destructive direct-ascent anti-satellite missile testing. Simply put: These tests are dangerous, and we will not conduct them. We are the first nation to make such a commitment. And I call on all nations to join us.”

Harris made her comments on Monday evening during a visit to Vandenberg Space Force Base, the preeminent launch site on the West Coast of the United States. During her speech, Harris said the US government will work with other nations to establish this as a new international norm for responsible behavior in space, noting that ending such tests would benefit all nations and help to preserve the environment of low Earth orbit.

Surely, no one will be cynical enough to gainsay that Uncle Sugar must have figured out some other, more efficient means of accomplishing the same goal. Incapacitating other nations’ satellites at will. Eh?

2 thoughts on “US Ends Anti-Satellite Missile Tests — Asks Everyone Else to Join In

  1. ASAT says:

    “The Space Station Has to Swerve to Avoid Debris from Satellite Russia Blew Up”
    See also “Head of Russian Space Program Appears to Threaten to Smash US With Space Debris” and “US Government Furious at Russian Anti-Satellite Test : The US is “not going to tolerate this kind of irresponsible behavior.”

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