Another damned wildfire!

Another damned wildfire starting up this morning…

Usual for me to search the horizon whilst walking. Starting off, this morning at 11:20AM MDT…there was nothing showing over on the Sangre de Cristo range. We’re west of Santa Fe. The Sangres are east of Santa Fe.

Coming back along our fenceline 10-15 minutes later, this is what I saw. At first, the column of smoke at the apparent starting point was columnar, 3-4 times higher than you see it here. Then, the North wind must have picked up over that side of the county and it blew out and south the way you see it.

No fun, taking iPhotos like this, believe me.

The Fightback against Far Right, Anti-Abortion Nutballs

Stephanie Keith/Getty

The far-right is celebrating what it sees as the impending collapse of abortion rights in the U.S., labeling women “witches” and “whores” and declaring “Christ is King” across social media.

“Christ is King” is a familiar phrase in Christianity, especially the Catholic Church, but it’s been co-opted recently by “America First” Christian ultra-nationalists, who have chanted it at political rallies and anti-abortion marches and used it as a rallying cry online. Now it’s being used to signify support for the demise of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide, after Politico published a leaked draft opinion by the Supreme Court Monday…

While the far-right have typically been anti-abortion by virtue of their position on the political spectrum, there’s been a recent uptick in interest in the issue among optics-savvy right-wing extremists. Those groups and individuals, in their efforts to mainstream their ideology, have sought alliances within established right-wing movements—including the well-oiled, deep-pocketed anti-abortion movement.

Sad news describing linkups, transplantation, revitalization of some of the worst nutball elements on the Right. Still…interesting, info everyone needs to be clear on which flavor of dementia you encounter while battling for womens’ rights.

‘Mississippi Burning’ Case Dropped After 52 Years

The 1964 killings of James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner in Neshoba County sparked national outrage and helped to bring in the Civil Rights Act.

The case, one of more than 125 which remain unsolved from the civil rights era, later became the subject of Oscar-winning movie Mississippi Burning…

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said: “The evidence has been degraded by memory over time, and so there are no individuals that are living now that we can make a case on at this point.”

But he said if new information came forward due to the announcement that the case was closed, prosecutors could reconsider and pursue a case.

There remain murderers among us. Living out their lives while the remains of their victims turned to dust, long ago. Part of the unfortunate history of the unending fight for civil rights in the GOUSA.