2 thoughts on “Pick one!

  1. Artifact says:

    Invitation card from the Munich Students’ Union to the Nazi book burning and a rally on May 10, 1933, at 11.30 pm on Königsplatz.

    • Santayana says:

      On April 8, 1933, the Main Office for Press and Propaganda of the German Student Union (DSt) proclaimed a nationwide “Action against the Un-German Spirit”, which was to climax in a literary purge or “cleansing” (“Säuberung”) by fire.
      The first large burning came on 6 May 1933. The German Student Union made an organized attack on Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (roughly: Institute of Sex Research). Its library and archives of around 20,000 books and journals were publicly hauled out and burned in the street. Its collection included unique works on intersexuality, homosexuality, and transgender topics. Dora Richter, the first transgender woman known to have undergone sex reassignment surgery (by doctors at the institute), is assumed to have been killed during the attack. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_book_burnings

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