Ukraine’s Foreign Legion fights back in Sievierodonetsk

Russian forces advanced deep into the ruined eastern factory city of Sievierodonetsk, but Ukrainian troops were still holding out on Friday (June 3) as Russia’s assault on its neighbour entered its 100th day.

Members of Ukraine’s foreign legion arrived in Sievierodonetsk on Thursday (June 2) getting ready to join the battle.

Zurab Kakalidze is a 22-year-old member of Ukraine’s foreign legion, which is made of foreign fighters who volunteer to come to Ukraine and fight against the Russians. He said he felt he was on the right side of history. He and his fellow fighters were optimistic to see their families again and wanted to make sure the enemy would not, he added.

Ukraine’s defence minister said his troops were already training in Europe to operate new, advanced missile systems pledged this week by the United States and Britain, which Kyiv hopes will help swing the battle in its favour in coming weeks.

You have to wonder what Putin hopes to acquire long-term. Captured territories don’t exactly settle into peace and quiet.

9 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Foreign Legion fights back in Sievierodonetsk

  1. Švejk says:

    Ukraine Live Updates: ‘The Fate of Our Donbas Is Being Decided,’ Zelensky Says of Sievierodonetsk : From across the river in a twin city, the danger to outgunned Ukrainian forces is clear. The city is burning, and small-arms fire from street-to-street combat echoes across the water. (NYT)
    See also “Russia’s Shrinking War : The goals of Russia’s invasion keep getting smaller. But its depleted military is still failing to make major advances, and time is on Ukraine’s side. (NYT interactive 5/24/22)

  2. Russkis says:

    Two British citizens and a Moroccan were sentenced to death Thursday for fighting on Ukraine’s side, in a punishment handed down by the country’s pro-Moscow rebels.
    The proceedings against the three captured fighters were denounced by Ukraine and the West as a sham and a violation of the rules of war.
    Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to liken himself to conquering monarch Peter the Great and spoke of his country’s need to “take back” territory and reinforce itself as the Kremlin’s forces continued a grinding war of attrition in eastern Ukraine.
    Convention (III) relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War. Geneva, 12 August 1949: prohibits any illegal acts, including violence, intimidation, or inaction against prisoners of war, and mandate humane treatment of prisoners of war. Failure to comply with the recognized norms of international humanitarian law is a serious violation of the Convention.

    • Footnote says:

      The Commando Order (German: Kommandobefehl) was issued by the OKW, the high command of the German armed forces, on 18 October 1942. This order stated that all Allied commandos encountered in Europe and Africa should be killed immediately without trial, even if in proper uniforms or if they attempted to surrender.
      Shortly after World War II, at the Nuremberg Trials, the Commando Order was found to be a direct breach of the laws of war, and German officers who carried out illegal executions under the Commando Order were found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to death, or, in two cases, extended incarceration.

  3. Ante up says:

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Geneva Convention — the charter which sets out how soldiers and civilians are treated in wartime — does not apply to two detained US citizens.
    Two American volunteers fighting for Ukraine — Alexander John-Robert Drueke, 39, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh, 27, from Hartselle, Alabama — were taken into detention by Russian-backed separatists in Donetsk after being captured last week, according to Russian state media.
    Peskov, during a regular call with journalists Tuesday, said the Geneva Convention does not apply to the two US citizens. Peskov said the death penalty cannot be ruled out but this is a decision for a court. The Kremlin — Peskov said — does not have a right to interfere.

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