Patrick Lyoya’s father weeps at his son’s funeral

Lyoya was fatally shot April 4 in the Michigan city after he and the officer — who has not been identified — had a physical encounter. Lyoya’s family has called for the officer to be prosecuted; the officer is on paid leave while Michigan State Police conduct an investigation…

The shooter is finally being indicted – for 2nd degree murder.

RTFA! Lyoya was face down on the ground with the cop kneeling on his back. The cop draws his gun and fires one shot into the back of Lyoya’s head. What a fucking American hero!

How many Americans think this way?

The answer to bring mass shootings in our schools to an end is right there in front of us, but no one wants to say it. So, I will.

It’s time to arm the kids themselves. If the answer to gun violence is more guns, it’s really the most logical solution…

Now, we have to be reasonable about this. We obviously don’t want kindergartners running around shooting each other accidentally with their tiny fingers, so we would have to establish a rational age requirement. Say, maybe 10 years old. I mean, that’s the age when kids should be familiar with guns anyway if they’re going to grow up in the USA.

Kids could report to their classroom in the morning, recite their Pledge of Allegiance, and then be issued their gun for the day. Just before the final bell, they would turn their weapon back in to their teacher to be safely locked away until the following morning. These aren’t toys, after all – they’re to be solely for defense purposes.

I’m never surprised when perfectly insane people come up with logical-sounding solutions. The process doesn’t necessarily require actual reason. Only the ability to examine a process step-by-step. Neither logic nor valid use is required.

The Unholy Spawn of Oil Spills and Microplastics

On the East coast of Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary Islands, stretches Playa Grande, with its clear waters and fine sand. Clamber up one of its outcrops, though, and you may notice something amiss: Much of this rock is darker, squishier, and hotter than the rest, and dotted with colorful sprinkles. Sounds cheerful, yes, but it’s actually a diabolical new kind of pollution.

The scientists who just discovered the horror are calling it “plastitar.” It’s tar from oil spills mixed with the multicolored microplastics that are spewing totally unchecked into the world’s oceans. (Microplastics are bits of plastic waste less than 5 millimeters long.)…

It’s important to note that Hernández-Borges and his colleagues were looking for particles as small as 1 millimeter, which means many, many smaller bits evaded detection. As microplastics science has progressed, researchers have started to test for nanoplastics—particles smaller than a millionth of a meter. A load of laundry can release trillions of these nanoplastics into the sea.

A portrait of things to come…globally? Of course.