How many Americans think this way?

The answer to bring mass shootings in our schools to an end is right there in front of us, but no one wants to say it. So, I will.

It’s time to arm the kids themselves. If the answer to gun violence is more guns, it’s really the most logical solution…

Now, we have to be reasonable about this. We obviously don’t want kindergartners running around shooting each other accidentally with their tiny fingers, so we would have to establish a rational age requirement. Say, maybe 10 years old. I mean, that’s the age when kids should be familiar with guns anyway if they’re going to grow up in the USA.

Kids could report to their classroom in the morning, recite their Pledge of Allegiance, and then be issued their gun for the day. Just before the final bell, they would turn their weapon back in to their teacher to be safely locked away until the following morning. These aren’t toys, after all – they’re to be solely for defense purposes.

I’m never surprised when perfectly insane people come up with logical-sounding solutions. The process doesn’t necessarily require actual reason. Only the ability to examine a process step-by-step. Neither logic nor valid use is required.

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