Back to the Republican Dark Ages

That 2/3s of Americans oppose reactionary anti-women decisions like this … means nothing to the Trump supreme court or the backwards beancounters in the Republican Party. Today marks our fascist-minded conservatives overturning Roe v. Wade.

The time for fightback has arrived – down to the most basic grassroots level. It takes politics of the greatest extremes to poke this sleeping bear of a nation into motion. Hopefully, Democrats, unaffiliated Independent voters will move beyond trivialized norms and throw Republican bigots out of elective office, kick our meager 2-party tapdance politics into serious action.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Republican Dark Ages

  1. moss says:

    Welcome to the leading industrial nation, proving once again, we’re capable of marching this nation back into the 19th Century arms of religion and ignorance. “Our government” proves once again populated and led by chickenshit 2-party politicians. The overwhelming majority of this nation rejects foolish religious ideology and the cowards who use it to shield their anti-women politics.

  2. eideard says:

    Here I am, back again to breaking the laws put in place by our devout shitheads. So, just as I broke the law 62 years ago when I got my vasectomy…reinstatement of all the foolishness shoved into history’s latrine by Roe v Wade means my vasectomy and any other American male getting one under the terms of law prior to RvW…is subject to the same penalties as a woman getting an abortion. And your urologist faces the same penalties as her gynecologist.

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