Plane over intense Yosemite fire encounters flying tree debris

The Washburn Fire burns in Mariposa Grove

Wildfire activity inside the Washburn Fire burning in Yosemite National Park is reportedly so intense it’s lifting tree debris hundreds of feet into the air, causing at least one near-miss for firefighting aircraft.

Radio traffic from a plane over the blaze Saturday documented the rare phenonemon: “Hey, just want to let you know, a branch went over the top of us,” a pilot radioed into dispatch. “A pretty good size, probably 50 feet above us coming down and fell right between tanker 103 and myself.”

“OK, copy. So like a repeat of yesterday,” the dispatcher reponded.

“That’s exactly what I’m getting that,” the pilot said. “So if we keep seeing that, we might have to knock it off. I don’t want to take a chance of busting a window on an airplane or hurting an aircraft for this.”

Rare; but, not unheard of. Just one more danger you have to watch out for fighting a forest fire.

Texas abortion providers relocating / expanding care in New Mexico

Whole Women’s Health, an abortion provider in Texas as well as other states, is trying to raise more than $700,000 to move to New Mexico.

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade last month, some abortion providers in states hostile to reproductive care have begun making plans to relocate to New Mexico, where abortion remains safe and legal. Whole Women’s Health had to shut down its four remaining clinics due to a Texas trigger ban that the state is fighting to implement since the nation’s high court overturned the 1973 landmark decision. This week the organization announced it is making plans to open a new clinic in a border town in New Mexico…

Other providers have said publicly that they intend to relocate to New Mexico. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Mississippi’s sole abortion provider, closed Wednesday and intends move to Las Cruces. A California-based provider called Choix has expanded its telehealth operation to include telehealth medical abortion care in New Mexico.

The nonprofit reproductive advocacy organization Bold Futures, already based in New Mexico, has said it is planning a reproductive care clinic that will include abortion care and is expected to open in Las Cruces. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has also said it wants to expand care in the state.

Andrea Ferrigno, corporate vice president for Whole Women’s Health…said when the news broke last month that the court had overturned Roe, “it was devastating.”…

She said Texas abortion clinics see the impact of the bans most on minorities, Latinos, Hispanics and people of color, particularly when they live in poverty. Those abortion patients are the “ones who pay the consequences” of the Supreme Court decision the most, she said.

Not that I would expect very many courts in the GOUSA to care a rat’s ass about minorities, the working poor, the people who can’t afford major donations to our papier mache-politicians.

We have these achievements here in New Mexico by virtue of decades of Left-led political struggle. It ain’t ever easy. Dedication to fighting the good fight had better be it’s own reward for a lot of it.