What the Feds think is broadband

Something comparable they can drive to work

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel is aiming to increase the agency’s broadband speed standard from 25Mbps to 100Mbps on the download side and from 3Mbps to 20Mbps for uploads…

“The needs of Internet users long ago surpassed the FCC’s 25/3 speed metric, especially during a global health pandemic that moved so much of life online,” Rosenworcel said in the announcement. “The 25/3 metric isn’t just behind the times, it’s a harmful one because it masks the extent to which low-income neighborhoods and rural communities are being left behind and left offline…”

Rosenworcel circulated the proposed Notice of Inquiry to fellow commissioners. The proposal requires a vote, and the commission is still deadlocked with two Democrats and two Republicans as the Senate continues its inaction on Biden nominee Gigi Sohn.

The pace of accomplishments by Congress is indicative of the level of comprehension on the part of our elected officials when it comes to modern technology in general and the digital world in particular.

These guardians of the public purse best represent the class of turds who thought the electric self-starter was unneeded early days of automotive design…when you could always hire some poor bugger out of work to hand crank your Cadillac. After polishing it for you, first.

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