U.S.Forest Service + outdated models = the largest wildfire in New Mexico History

National Park Service

Santa Fe County commissioners urged U.S. forest managers to do a more comprehensive environmental review of plans to restore large swaths of forest that border the capital city, passing a resolution fueled by frustrations that have been mounting in the wake of a devastating wildfire sparked by the government’s planned burns.

The Santa Fe County Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved the resolution, but not before some of the elected officials and members of the public blasted the U.S. Forest Service for not taking into consideration the exceptionally dry conditions that have plagued many parts of the West for the last two decades…

Santa Fe resident Valerie Gremillion told the county commissioners that she has been reviewing the report that outlines mistakes made by the agency…“I would not let them run a carnival in my backyard, much less set a fire to the back of the Santa Fe National Forest,” she said.

RTFA. “Incompetence” is more accurate than any other excuse. The Forest Service has been in the fire-fighting and fire-starting business for a long time. Sufficient practice to get it right.

Utroba Cave, Bulgaria

Cave in the Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria, carved by hand more than 3000 years ago (?), it was rediscovered in 2001. Archeologists hypothesize that an altar built at the end of the cave, which is about 22 m deep, represents either the cervix or the uterus. At midday, light seeps into the temple through an opening in the ceiling, projecting an image of a phallus on to the floor. When the sun is at the right angle, in late February or early March, the phallus grows longer and reaches the alter, symbolically fertilizing the womb before the sowing of the spring crops.

Stunning photo. Thanks to UrsaRodinia for this one.