Apologies for the absence, folks

Blame the usual villain in Northern New Mexico communications. Xfinity…still, best known as Comcrap.

Yesterday, they attempted a brief update to their system. Should only take an hour or two. Finally, I got up at 1:30AM to find the system was finally back up and running. Running being the operative word because it ran like crap. I went back to bed.

Up as usual, this morning at 6AM…it’s only taken an hour+ to get the “updated” interface to work. Now, we can access TV and the Interwebitubes. Breakfast is over. 2nd cuppa consumed.

Posting, commenting, etc. resumes.


* Here’s the cause of the outage. Followed by the carnival clown show described above. Fiber comm lines in the open strung between telephone poles! Welcome to New Mexico.

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