Republicans’ favorite Nazi warms up for Dallas CPAC

During a speech in Romania over the weekend, Hungary’s far-right leader Viktor Orbán said he doesn’t want Europeans mixing with people from outside the continent — comments one of his aides compared to Third Reich rhetoric before resigning.

“This is why we have always fought: We are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed race,” said Orbán, who is scheduled to speak in Dallas next week at the Conservative Political Action Conference…

Orban also appeared to make light of the Holocaust while discussing plans to reduce natural-gas demand in Europe: “I do not see how it will be enforced — although, as I understand it, the past shows us German know-how on that,” he said. More than 6 million Jews, along with 6 million other minorities deemed by Nazi Germany as “undesirable,” were systemically murdered during the Holocaust.

There are historically apt terms still in common parlance to describe fascists like Orban. “Swine” first comes to mind. The anthropomorphic usage, of course. I have too much respect for farmland pigs to include them in.

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