New species at the bottom of the ocean

Gummy Squirrel

Scientists have found more than 30 potentially new species living at the bottom of the sea.

Researchers from the UK’s Natural History Museum used a remotely operated vehicle to collect specimens from the abyssal plains of the Clarion-Clipperton Zone in the central Pacific. Previously, creatures from this area had been studied only from photographs…

The animals found include segmented worms, invertebrates from the same family as centipedes, marine animals from the same family as jellyfish, and different types of coral…

The findings have potentially important implications for deep-sea mining, as humans become more interested in exploiting minerals from the seabed, because it seems the activity has the potential to disturb many creatures…

While the authors are concerned with questions of diversity and size, I hope investigations broaden to elemental questions. Like, “are these species present in sufficient numbers, distribution, to negate concerns about extinction” from the mining ventures that prompted this research.

One thought on “New species at the bottom of the ocean

  1. Pescadero says:

    Over 330 fish species – up to 35 new to science – found in Bolivian national park
    The Madidi National Park is probably the world’s most biologically diverse protected area due to a unique altitudinal gradient of almost 6,000 m spanning the Tropical Andes and the Amazon [article includes links to video and Hi-res images]

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