Biological Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives

According to the largest study of its type, brain scans of individuals obtained as they engaged in different activities or even did nothing accurately indicated whether they were politically conservative or liberal.

Researchers discovered that the “signatures” in the brain revealed by the scans were just as good at predicting political ideology as the strongest predictor often employed in political science studies, a person’s parents’ ideology.

“Can we understand political behavior by looking solely at the brain? The answer is a fairly resounding ‘yes,’” said study co-author Skyler Cranmer, the Phillips and Henry Professor of Political Science at The Ohio State University.

“The results suggest that the biological and neurological roots of political behavior run much deeper than we previously thought.”

Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Although, as a piece of modern scientific research, there still isn’t any conclusion on which causes the other. Education and training vs any inherent trend.