I return to “Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner”

From one reviewer:

This film… is amazing. This is the only way that I can POSSIBLY describe the brilliant acting performance of Tom Courtenay, one of my all-time favorite actors. His depiction of Colin, a young man from the lower class society of Nottingham, is remarkable. In fact, depiction is quite the wrong word for what he does with that character. Courtenay does not play Colin, he IS Colin, pure and simple. I will not give a summary simply because it is impossible to explain the story line without seeing the film. I have tried to explain the story line to my friends, and they just can’t understand what I’m raving about. Anyone who is reading this, WATCH THIS MOVIE! It is one of the best films the ’60s has to offer.

I can only add what this film was for me. I paid my annual revisit, tonight. Watched via AMAZON PRIME on the telly.

First saw this in a small neighborhood “art” theatre. A converted barn in New Haven, CT in 1962. When I left the performance and returned to my 4th floor walkup a few blocks away I knew I had a new author to read, a film producer/director to watch for.

The film was made by Tony Richardson. All film buffs have enjoyed one or another of his films. This is my favorite. It led me to the writing of Alan Sillitoe whose short story was the theme of this film…and he wrote the screenplay as well. His works of fiction colored in my studies of philosophy…materialist dialectics of Marx, Engels and Lenin, Herbert Aptheker and his peers in the USA, especially John Somerville.

Aptheker’s commitment as a Communist to the exploding Civil Rights movement led me to organizing and Jimmy Higgins-work in labor unions in the factories where I worked most of my life…in the civil rights movement where I started by helping to organize chapters of C.O.R.E. in cities in the industrial Northeast.

Neither of those commitments has ever left me.

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