Texas deserves better politicians

While abortion has been banned since September of last year with the civil law, vigilante-driven SB8 even before Roe fell this summer, the reality our neighbors have experienced hasn’t changed. Now, this latest enacted law bans abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest and criminalizes abortion providers.

We stand in solidarity with our neighbors. We will continue to welcome the people who are seeking abortion care in our state and stand against this ban…

A reminder that the majority of Americans support abortion rights in most or all cases, and this support played out perfectly in Kansas several weeks ago when the question was put to the people and Kansans overwhelmingly voted in favor of abortion rights.

Here in New Mexico, we respect the rights for pregnant people and their families to make personal healthcare decisions.

Maybe, just maybe…if we could figure out juxtaposing legislative sessions…get around the legal crap that would roadblock the idea…we could just loan Texas some New Mexican politicians. Like during the off-season when they’re not in the Roundhouse passing something useful.

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