Further reflections on the ‘LONG ARC OF TIME”

“…The second law of thermodynamics says that everything tends to move from order to disorder, a process known as entropy that defines the arrow of time. A stronger arrow of time means it would be harder for a system to go back to a more ordered state.

“Everything that we perceive as a difference between the past and the future stems fundamentally from that one principle about the universe,” said Christopher Lynn, the lead author of the study. Lynn said that his motivation for the study was “to understand how the arrows of time we see in life” fit into this larger idea of entropy on the scale of the entire universe.”  https://www.vice.com/en/article/3adam9/neurons-produce-the-direction-of-time-mind-bending-study-suggests

It’s been too long since I sat down with Om Malik online…to discuss, debate, wander through tech and other new bits and pieces cluttering up the world. I hope he still thinks of me as a friend. Though I’ve maintained this blog over time, reflections on philosophy and physics, technology and time passing, have continued their often orderly path through life and space…without my attention. 🙂 As it should.

Just wanted to interfere with the discussion that has proceeded – also without any nudges from Lot 4 – in that I’ve never had much concern with one portion of “ENTROPY” being a progression from order to disorder, one or another way. My concern with entropy is of the end of all things. Use and usefulness, structure gradually (most of the time and scale) diminished until no motion on any atomic scale or smaller remains. Entropy is the end of it all.

Which, in my mind, is as intimidating as disorder may be to others.


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