Dr Scholl’s Eco Insoles

I had lots of foot problems as a kid – a couple centuries ago. Solved and resolved when I started playing squash and had to spend money on really good sports shoes. Or stop playing. Foot problems went away.

Then I started experimenting with sport insoles and discovered that added another level of protection, support and fitness in use. Been happy for many years with another brand; but, thought I’d try these Eco goodies from the Doctor…mostly to support the environmental effort. Guess what? They’re terrific! Less expensive. And trying to figure out how and why I love their performance has been interesting. Because most of the whole insole appears to be like everyone else’s construction.

Except the arch support. That’s cork and, for whatever reason, I’m more conscious of it being there – in a positive way. Could be the whole, the sum of the whole design that works so well. Whatever it may be, getting ready to order more and use them to substitute for the thinnest styles I’ve used from other brands.

Thanks, Doc!

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