3 thoughts on “More new APPLE stuff, today

  1. Lasserita says:

    Throw back logo… I’m not understanding if you’ve always been an Apple head or if it’s recent, but it seems lately there’s been a couple in the ten years I’ve been listening to you. I dig the throwback, I was a fan of the Apple IIe but now as a sponsor of globalisation and near slave wages for foreign peoples, I’m thinking think different is more like think normal… No offense, but back when that idea was produced it was an American company vs. a multinational conglomerate using foreign labour. Now it’s the opposite, Unless I’m wrong which is always possible.

    • eideard says:

      Involvement with computing started with a Tandy Model 100 forty years ago. Lives in one of my closets, now. Work kept me to MSoft environment till retirement removed the mandate. Since then, I’ve wandered thoroughly to the Apple side of the geek street.

      As to the ebb and flow of capitalism, American style, utility (to me) remains determined by successful technology. The best available is always…only…the best of a bad lot. Even utilitarian choices in what is becoming a truly global economy are flexible, dialectic sums, in frequent flux.

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