When your BFF turns out to be a demented asswipe – walk away!

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera tweeted Wednesday that he “could never support” longtime friend Donald Trump again…Rivera, a rotating co-host on “The Five,” said the ex-president’s baseless cries of voting fraud ended his allegiance permanently.

“Election Deniers depress me,” Rivera wrote. “I blame President Trump for his shameful campaign to slander and undermine American faith in our elections. For all his positive accomplishments, and there are many, I could never support him again. Without fealty to the Constitution, we’re [second] rate…”

Rivera has called Trump a “loyal friend” whom he supported for four years in office and accused “leftist creeps” of trying to destroy Trump at all cost. He praised Trump for his role in producing a COVID-19 vaccine and said it should be named after him. But Trump’s baseless denial of his election defeat soured Rivera’s loyalty.

He allowed that Trump stopped talking to him after Rivera declared the 2020 election over. Rivera has called out Fox News colleagues and Trump for amplifying the fraud claims leading up to the Capitol riot and blamed Trump for inciting the siege. He said shortly after the insurrection that it revealed a “dysfunction” in his friend that he had not seen.

If these creeps were just a touch more corrupt, I have no doubt one or both would be dead by now. A typical result when crooks fall out.

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