Thoughts on the 2022 MacBook Air

It has been a few months since Apple released the 2022 edition of the 13-inch MacBook Air –arguably the most popular laptop in the Mac line-up. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in the thin-and-skinny laptop. And the reviews came in thick and fast…

…If you are wondering what else I can add to what has already been said, then you are right to assume that: not much…Except, I wanted to see how good (or bad) the new M2-powered MacBook Air would be for me as an “on-the-go” photographer…

My opinion on the design of the laptop isn’t changed — it feels like a skinnier (and, in my opinion, better) version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

However, by losing the iconic shape, Apple has shorn the “Air” line-up of its instant recognizability. For me, Macbook Air signified — practical, smart, and sensible. The new MacBook Air is just another faceless slab of aluminum in an ocean of laptops. Unlike John Gruber and others, I just can’t get over the loss of an iconic design.

And that’s where my criticism of the new laptop ends.

I think losing the old iconic shape has come at a cost — roughly $200. But it does buy you a much better screen, better audio, better webcam, better chip, and a more powerful chip. Dollar for dollar, not only is the Macbook Air 2022 better than its predecessor, it is better by a country mile than its “professional” cousin, the 2022 13-inch MacBook Pro.

At this point, Om launches into a detailed, thoughtful, useful analysis of the newest MacBook Air.

Worthy as ever, Om’s review reflects skills and his long history as a user-friendly geek. His writing style is personal…and what he has to communicate to his readers is productive and to the point. Carry on, reading.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the 2022 MacBook Air

  1. Lasserita says:

    I would just like to point out the stylistic fetishes of Mac afficianados. It’s the thinnest thing with the best battery you’ll ever find, I have no idea how they fit that in there and the only advantage of the Pro is the storage space (I’m assuming SSDD.) As a PC person I want nothing but power and therefore I’ve got a 16 lb laptop with a 20″ screen and my battery lasts about a half hour. So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, who cares about the “iconic” shape that makes you a part of a tribe.

    • eideard says:

      Worth a smile and a large footnote. I hardly ever think about the Mac hardware I’ve been using the last 15-20 years. As previously noted, I entered computing as a useful tool – part of my sales kit in 1983. So, that encompassed about the first half of my life with (mostly PC-based) computing. The second half anchored with Apple, Macs and iOS devices. I treat those latter devices as “tool holders” as I did the earlier devices. Software made the difference in my work and in my life. Honestly, as a lifetime geek, I think all milieaux influence each other. If they’re enjoying success.

      I have my second MacBook Air, nowadays. A 2022 model. I’m not going to look up the specs; but, it’s likely the middle of what’s available. It does weigh next to nothing. Feels like 2 or 3 iPads worth (I have one of those). In the morning, I unplug the wall wart charger and use it as my primary computer when I’m in the living room. I use it for a few hours a day or more and never drop below a 70% charge. Pretty much anything of mine you see online is assembled, final-formatted and posted from the iMac in my study. Which is, of course, plugged-in.

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