‘We thought we’d die of hunger. Now we fear death from water’

Farmer Ali Baksh stands on an embankment and points across the flooded landscape of Sindh province towards the spot where his fields used to be. He is sheltering in a makeshift camp accessible only by boat with more than 2,000 others forced to flee their homes when the floods hit.

“There was no rain a few months back and there was a severe shortage of water for crops. We prayed for rain. But when it rained, we became homeless and our crops were destroyed. We have nothing left … just oceans on roads, on farms and submerging our homes.”

Pakistan has been battered by drastic weather extremes since the start of the year. Deadly heatwaves sent temperatures above 50C (122F) in the spring, followed by huge wildfires and crippling droughts.

But the floods that have left a third of the country’s provinces underwater in recent weeks have brought with them a new level of human misery – and a glimpse into the apocalyptic impact of the climate emergency in one of the countries least responsible for it.

Folks have to understand we’re all linked together by a singule global environment. You can’t ignore what the greedy idiot down the road is doing…when the result will threaten your own life.

One thought on “ ‘We thought we’d die of hunger. Now we fear death from water’

  1. Hope says:

    “How Pakistani entrepreneurs stepped in after flood disaster
    Dozens of entrepreneurs and non-profits came forward to help flood survivors as the country was overwhelmed by its worst flooding in decades.” https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/9/18/how-pakistanis-young-and-old-stepped-in-after-flood-disaster
    Last week, UN chief Antonio Guterres said he had not seen a ‘climate carnage on this scale’ after visiting the flood-affected South Asian nation.
    The international response has been slow so far, so some Pakistanis are trying their best to help fellow citizens. Here are a few of their stories.

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