A face mask that detects pathogens<10 minutes – calls your cell phone!

Juan Gaertner/Getty

A team of scientists in China have developed a face mask capable of detecting common respiratory viruses including influenza and coronavirus from air droplets or aerosols after being exposed for 10 minutes. The masks…can alert the wearer via their cell phone if pathogens are detected…

“Previous research has shown face mask wearing can reduce the risk of spreading and contracting…disease. So, we wanted to create a mask that can detect the presence of virus in the air and alert the wearer,” said Yin Fang…a material scientist at Shanghai Tongji University.

Their design created a multi-channel sensor using three types of aptamer that can identify the surface proteins of SARS-CoV-2, H5N1, and H1N1…

Once the aptamers bind to the target proteins in the air, the ion-gated transistor amplifies the signal and can alert the wearers via their phones.

More and more novel and new functions are capable of inclusion in either new electronic devices or…as in this case, simply adding a function into an existing system…then, communicated to your existing comm device.

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