New Mexico grants funds for prosecutions in ‘Rust’ shooting

Scene of the tragedy

New Mexico has granted funds to pay for possible prosecutions connected to last year’s fatal film-set shooting of a cinematographer by actor Alec Baldwin, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported Thursday.

The state Board of Finance greenlit more than $317,000 to cover the cost of investigating potential charges in the shooting on the set of “Rust” outside Santa Fe.

First Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies made an emergency request for the funds to go toward a special prosecutor, special investigator, several experts and other personnel.

As many as four people could face charges, according to a copy of the request obtained by the newspaper, though Carmack-Altwies did not say anyone definitely would…

When reached for comment by the newspaper, she declined to say which crew members or cast could face charges. The possible charges her office is looking at range from homicide to violations of state gun statutes.

Not my area of expertise. I’ve had some small accounting over the decades with the discharge of firearms. Never involving injury much less death. Still sounds to me that accidents can happen no matter how much preparation is required, put in place…and that’s the way any prosecution should proceed.

2 thoughts on “New Mexico grants funds for prosecutions in ‘Rust’ shooting

  1. Old Gaffer says:

    ● Who was ultimately responsible for ensuring safety on the set, for ensuring that filming and production were conducted in a safe manner, and for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards during the filming of “Rust”?
    ● Was the gun that killed “Rust” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins used by crew members that morning or at any other time for live-ammunition target practice?
    ● Why and how were live rounds of ammunition on the ‘Rust’ set?
    ● How long and under what circumstances was the gun (and ) killed Halyna Hutchins left unattended during the lunch break on the day of the shooting?
    ● Who was the last person to handle the gun before giving it to Alex Baldwin?
    ● Were there in fact two misfires of the prop gun and “a serious lack of safety meetings on this set” prior to the shooting?

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