One thought on ““I wish Putin would know the people he’s doing this to.”

  1. khokhols says:

    “New York Times reveals details of Russian soldiers’ calls”
    “Russian soldiers made thousands of calls from the battlefield in Ukraine to relatives at home. Here are their conversations. (Note: They contain explicit language.)” NYT interactive

    ‘Sergey’ to girlfriend:
    “They told us that, where we’re going, there’s a lot of civilians walking around. And they gave us the order to kill everyone we see.”
    “Why the fuck?”
    “Because they might give away our positions. … That’s what we’re fucking going to do, it seems. Kill any civilian that walks by and drag them into the forest. … I’ve already become a murderer. That’s why I don’t want to kill any more people, especially ones I will have to look in the eyes.”

    “When Russian forces retreated at the end of March, Ukrainian officials discovered over 1,100 bodies in the Bucha region, on streets and in gardens, stashed in wells and cellars, and buried in makeshift graves. Some were charred or had their hands bound.”

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