Violent threats against libraries and staff being spread through our nation

In the last two weeks, at least a dozen public libraries across the U.S. received threats that resulted in canceled events and systemwide closures. While bomb and active shooter threats to public library systems in Nashville, Fort Worth, Denver, Salt Lake City, Boston, and other cities across the country were ultimately deemed hoaxes, library workers and patrons say they’re still reeling in the aftermath.

Some of the recent threats have been directed at LGBTQ events hosted at libraries across the country…Other threats seemed to have no obvious motive but come at a time when libraries and library workers have increasingly become targets of harassment. Public libraries were also closed statewide in Hawaii over the weekend due to an “unspecified threat.”…

Alison Macrina, executive director of the Library Freedom Project, told Motherboard that librarians have lost trust in their administrations’ ability to keep them safe during a volatile moment.

“It’s been a larger pattern through all these right-wing attacks,” Macrina told Motherboard. “Admin just like, not taking any of it seriously enough, not getting it. So their responses to these bomb threats are seen as more of the same. And also admins just not communicating through these situations [makes] the workers feel even more isolated and at risk.”

This crap starts with the fascist ideology prevalent inside the noisiest rightwing groups around the United States. Nutballs couldn’t care less about democratic norms, constitutional rights and free speech. Advocacy grounded in gangster ethics isn’t likely to spend time re-reading the works of this nation’s founders.

A useful article. One dealing with a Neo-Nazi tactic which ain’t going away easily…or soon.

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