Our morning rocket fuel

We’ve switched away from the couple of brands of coffee that have served as structural support for the first half of our family’s day for decades. Not that we’re saving chunks of change. It’s just been a spell since we looked around and tried new brands, new blends of coffee. We made a Happy Find. That is, Happy Belly. We get it from Amazon.

About the silliest name for a food product someone came up with; but, it’s great coffee as far as our palates, our central nervous system, are concerned. We buy their medium roast – most satisfying negotiated settlement within the Lot 4 crew. Already ground for our array of percolators.

Full-bodied. Satisfying depth of flavor – that survives a dollop of half-and-half for some. Straight-up black for the rest of the household. None of us uses sugar especially for anything. I’ve been known to add a touch of Truvia [a stevia product] to cup #4 in the morning.

Just a note: Ours isn’t half-caff. We’re enjoying some of the latest studies that say an added touch of caffeine in your diet is probably good for you.

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