Teacher in India allegedly kills Dalit student over spelling mistake

Police in India are searching for a teacher accused of beating a Dalit student to death over a spelling mistake, officers said amid violent protests triggered by the incident.

Nikhil Dohre was struck with a rod and kicked until he fell unconscious by his high school teacher earlier this month after misspelling the word “social” in an exam, according to a police complaint by his father…

The Dalit community – formerly known as the “untouchables” – sits at the lowest rung of India’s caste system and has been subject to prejudice and discrimination for centuries…

“The family says the boy was beaten by his teacher a few weeks ago for making a spelling error. Now the family has called this a caste-based hate crime,” Al Jazeera’s Pavni Mittal said.

No matter how strong you believe you live in modern times in a modern nation, you usually can find someone ready and willing to prove you wrong. Yes, that includes murder at least as often as personal violence, bigotry as often as ignorance.

One thought on “Teacher in India allegedly kills Dalit student over spelling mistake

  1. Update says:

    “Teacher Who Beat UP Dalit Teen To Death Arrested
    Police said Ashwini Singh, the accused teacher who was on the run since the death of the 15-year-old Dalit student, was arrested from Gwari village.”

    According to Nikhit Kumar’s father his son had blackened two boxes instead of one on a multiple choice examination and answered ‘samajak’ instead of ‘samajik’ to a question. [सामाजिक (sāmājika): sociable (adjective) or social (adjective before noun) …was ‘samajak’ just a spelling error?]

    According to government data, five-caste-based hate crimes take place every hour on average in India. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalit

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