Campbell didn’t vanish from the Internet…yet. Just the new Xfinity flavor of Comcrap. Not about to say anything especially bad about them, today. At the user end of things, it’s too hard to know who’s really to blame when you lose contact with the rest of the interwebitube culture.

Thought about this on my walks, today. Recalling my short-term adventures in Louisiana beaucoup decades ago. Talked my way into a pretty snazzy fit with a giant firm. Only a tad in over my head. Didn’t plan on working long for them…and didn’t. But, I left behind a smallish error that was caught by the younger dude who’d been my #2 on the job. On parole from some slammer in California. But, he was good at thinking on his feet. Helped me out with a clean farewell.

So, why badmouth Comcrap for today’s situation which obviously multiplied on them at least twice…judging by their revisions in projected time back online. Could’ve been something that’s happened to me, too. Some time or other in the gray and red past.

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