Oakland coppers ready to arm robots

Should cops be able to kill people with shotgun-armed robots?…The back-and-forth between the Oakland Police Department and a civilian oversight body concluded with the police relinquishing their push for official language that would have allowed them to kill humans with robots under certain circumstances. It was a concession to the civilian committee, which pushed to bar arming robots with firearms — but a concession only for the time being.

The department said it will continue to pursue lethal options. When asked whether the the Oakland Police Department will continue to advocate for language that would allow killer robots under certain emergency circumstances, Lt. Omar Daza-Quiroz, who represented the department in discussions over the authorized robot use policy, told The Intercept, “Yes, we are looking into that and doing more research at this time.”…

…the Oakland Police Department was saying what nearly every security agency says when it asks the public to trust it with an alarming new power: We’ll only use it in emergencies — but we get to decide what’s an emergency.

They will issue each copper in the robot-led attack squad a reminder card that says, “The shiny ones are the robots!”

2 thoughts on “Oakland coppers ready to arm robots

  1. Roomba says:

    San Francisco May Allow Police Officers To Deploy Lethal Robots In The Future
    The proposal states that the robots would not be armed with guns and would only be used to “prevent further loss of innocent lives,” while opponents are arguing against such militarization of the police.
    The San Francisco Police Department further stated that it does not currently possess armed robots and has no plans to arm robots with guns, according to the Associated Press. Instead, it would potentially equip robots with explosives to assist police in certain situations.

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