Sustainable City designed for 150,000 people

URB has unveiled plans to develop Africa’s most sustainable city, a development that can host 150,000 residents. Known as The Parks, the city plans to produce 100% of its energy, water & food on-site through biodomes, solar-powered air-to-water generators, and biogas production. The 1,700-hectare project will feature residential, medical, ecotourism, and educational hubs to become one of the significant contributors to the growing green and tech economy in South Africa.

Green spaces are the heart and arteries of the entire development. As the central axis, a 5km long multifunctional green spine integrates 12 mixed-use biophilic areas to connect residents to all hubs within the city in minutes by walking, cycling, or high-speed autonomous E.V shuttles.

The resilient field serves not only the landscape but promotes good land use. The Parks will incorporate different urban farming methods such as community gardens, biodomes, aquaponics, and vertical farms. The agricultural infrastructure will also adopt the world’s first high-tech scalable FEW+W smart urban farms, which use saline water. In addition, the city will provide fish and dairy farms enabled by data science, IoT, AI, and automation to produce higher-quality foods that are locally grown. Organic waste will support biogas production as an additional source of energy.

Not a bad start. A topic, a style, we may all eventually benefit from in our own countries.

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