59 Years Ago … JFK

Texas School Book Depository – likely where Lee Harvey Oswald fired his weapon

Lee Harvey Oswald gets out of bed after a restless night and gets ready for work. Before he leaves the house, he takes off his wedding ring and leaves it in a cup on top of Marina’s dresser. He takes $170 out of his wallet and leaves it with his wedding ring.

He gets a ride into work at the Texas School Book Depository with Buell Wesley Fraizer. He is carrying something long and tells Fraizer they’re curtain rods for his room in the boarding house…

As the weather starts clearing up, advance secret service agent Win Lawson has decided to take the bubbletop off the presidential limo.

Kennedy has made it clear that he wants to be accessible to the people. He wants the bubbletop off as much as possible and does not want secret service agents on the back on his limo…

The president’s limo turns onto Elm Street. The first shot is fired, missing the president…

The second shot is fired…

The third shot is fired, hitting the president on the back right side of his head, causing a portion of his head behind his right ear to blow out. Right after the third shot is fired, Sheriff Bill Decker orders Dallas police officers to the railroad tracks behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll.

59 years ago…yesterday.

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