Ukraine’s nuclear power base quickly returning to capacity

All nuclear power plants that are located in the government-controlled territory of Ukraine are already connected to the power system. In 1-2 days it will be possible to return to scheduled power outages instead of emergency ones.

“Now the energy system is fully integrated, all regions are connected. It is again connected to the energy system of the European Union… All three nuclear power plants located in the unoccupied territory are working… In 1-2 days, they will reach their normal planned capacity, and we expect that it will be possible to return to scheduled power outages instead of emergency ones,” Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, CEO of Ukrenergo national energy company, said during the nationwide telethon on Thursday evening.

As a result of the November 23 attack, Ukraine lost a significant part of electricity generation at various types of power plants: nuclear, thermal, and hydroelectric, he noted.

I tend to take note of incidents like this in wartime. Mostly because most educated nations in the broad West/East ensemble rely much more on nuclear power generation of electricity than the “advanced” USA. We’re at 20%. Nations like France [for example] are up to 70%.

Everything we’re told we should worry about have been dealt with generations ago…elsewhere…satisfactorily.

2 thoughts on “Ukraine’s nuclear power base quickly returning to capacity

  1. Actually & Factually says:

    “Winter starts, Ukraine goes dark: Fear and resolve in blackouts”
    “Since October 10, every few days, Russia has deployed its strategic bombers and warships to unleash aerial devastation on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure.
    Cruise missiles have smashed into power plants and water facilities.
    Most are shot down by Ukrainian air defense. But enough get through to take large parts of the energy grid down completely.
    For days after, people shiver in dark, cold homes. They cook on camping stoves in candlelit kitchens. They put on all their clothes to sleep and cover themselves with every blanket they own.
    Engineers work double or triple shifts to repair or replace fried circuits and blackened transformers. After a few days, the power is fixed.
    Then, Russia does it again.
    Cumulatively the effect is bringing the country’s energy network to its knees. Capacity has been significantly reduced. Emergency and scheduled blackouts continue, even when the power is restored.”

  2. 4therecord says:

    ● Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure are a justified response to inherent threats, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said in a televised press conference that lasted more than two hours.
    “This infrastructure supports the combat capability of the Ukrainian armed forces and nationalist battalions,” Lavrov said Thursday in an online news conference, claiming that Moscow’s actions are, in fact, aimed at minimizing the number of civilian casualties.
    ● Representatives of Russia’s Rosatom corporation are appropriating money which is allocated for managing the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), including the salaries of Ukrainian personnel.
    ● President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his evening address to Ukrainians on 30 November reported that as of that evening, about 6 million households in most regions of the country and in Kyiv are without electricity.
    ● As of 1 December, there is no electricity in the city of Kherson because of large-scale Russian attacks.

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