Maverick Notes

Our Maverick continues to perform beyond expectations.

I was reluctant about getting a hybrid – preferring to wait for an affordable and available full-electric vehicle. Helen had done a better job of research than I had. That was certain. Most of my reading, R&T test drives, etc. left me convinced these hybrids were mostly limited to electric performance only below 20-25mph. Our Mav usually runs all the way up to 45mph (or a tad more) before blending in the ICE (infernal combustion engine). Consequently the dash readout for mileage at the end of any trip – mostly local stuff – like, today, for example, read out at 70+mpg. And even that varies greatly whether going to town (more uphill) or returning home (more downhill).

I can live with that any time.

Part, certainly, is Helen’s skill at feeling how much she can put her foot into it or stay feathering. She has the touch and delights in reading out the numbers after 20 or 30 miles of errand-running for our wholly-retired household. 70mpg or more isn’t unusual. Stops at our friendly neighborhood filling station are a lot more rare than my father-in-law or I make with our RAM pickups. Even though his is a turbodiesel-powered critter.

I’m now convinced another critical part of this equation is Ford’s software engineers. They’ve built-in acres more flexibility than I’ve read about in anyone’s test drives of competing iron. That allows for easily maintaining whatever cruising speed Helen wants. Not a lot of shifting forth-and-back between power sources. The “blending” is clean and virtually unnoticeable.

I’ve been remiss about taking pictures of our new Mav. It lives in the garage until we go out somewhere and I keep forgetting to take a photo when we get get wherever we’re going. Or even to just get my butt back out and take a quick snap in the driveway. Ours is cactus gray. The photo up top is supposed to be cactus gray – lifted from DuckDuckGo. Tomorrow morning is grocery day and I’ll try to remember to take a couple pictures with my iPhone.

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