2 thoughts on “Coolest photo I’ve seen, today

  1. Molevator says:

    The Tycho crater is the setting in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, of the location for where the first monolith was discovered by modern humans. Around 1999, American survey satellites discovered a strong magnetic field near the crater Tycho. It was first assumed to be a giant nickel-iron meteorite, but not even that could produce such an intense field. Excavation at the site in 1999, unveiled a three million year old black monolith buried 20 feet below the lunar surface. This monolith was officially dubbed Tycho Magnetic Anomaly One, or TMA-1. https://2001.fandom.com/wiki/Earth%27s_moon

    • Spoiler says:

      TMA-1 excavation set under construction (note the Tycho monolith is in its earlier form of a pyramidal tetrahedron)
      TMA-1 excavation set under construction. Note that the alien artifact here is in its earlier form of a pyamidal Tetrahedron

      Publicist for the film Ivor Powell recalls the set: “Given that it was on a studio sound stage*, we couldn’t dig any holes in the ground, so all of that had to be built up into the air. That set went about 20 [feet] up in the air. It gave a great illusion that the Monolith was down in this pit” (Ivor Powell Interview).
      The pit itself was “60 feet by 120 feet” and actually 60 feet deep. A very large amount of sand was brought in and “was washed, dried, and given color and texture similar to [the] Moon’s” (Making 109).
      When the Lunar terrain model was matted in (Making 109). In order to achieve this, everything around the excavation site had to be covered in black felt so they could replace it with the Lunar terrain (Commentary). These are shots while the set was still under construction. They ended up holding these shots in a vault until the special effects photography necessary to finish the shot was completed. http://cinematyler.com/archives/556 [* Shepperton Studios, England]

      TMA-1 excavation site as it appears in “2001” http://fragmentfilm.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Bild-6_TC_49_52.jpg

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