Republican candidate paid for drive-by shootings at Democrats

Solomon Pena…GOP candidate for New Mexico Legislature

The former Republican candidate accused of targeting the homes of Democrats in drive-by shootings had routinely called for locking up 2020 election officials in Guantánamo Bay. He promoted conspiracy theories about solar power, feminism and “the demonic theories of the Globalist Elites.” He had been demoted twice by the U.S. Navy and served nearly seven years in prison for burglary.

Yet powerful party leaders in New Mexico not only gave the first-time candidate, Solomon Peña, 39, full-throated endorsements, but they also opened their checkbooks to fund his race for a state legislative seat in central Albuquerque long held by Democrats. Some knew about his prison record but said they felt that he had turned his life around.

Local and state coppers are investigating whether drug money helped fund his campaign. No one seems to have done much of a job considering character before they ran him for State Legislature. May as well check him over before his trial for the shootings.

4 thoughts on “Republican candidate paid for drive-by shootings at Democrats

  1. Copper says:

    Albuquerque Police detectives found what they think may be illegally obtained campaign contributions while investigating Solomon Peña and the shootings he allegedly masterminded.
    “APD detectives learned through witness interviews related to the shooting investigation that Peña identified individuals to funnel contributions from an unknown source to his legislative campaign,” an APD news release states. “Detectives are working with other law enforcement agencies to determine whether the money for the campaign contributions was generated from narcotics trafficking and whether campaign laws were violated.”

  2. p/s says:

    “Just two days before he was arrested for his alleged role in a string of shootings targeting Democratic elected officials’ homes, Solomon Pena was elected to a leadership position within the Republican Party of Bernalillo County.
    But a state Republican Party spokesman said Friday that efforts were underway to remove Pena as both a county party ward chairman and GOP State Central Committee member.”

    “…One of the suspects in the shootings, Jose Trujillo, donated $5,150 to Pena’s campaign last year. Trujillo’s occupation was listed in campaign finance reports as a cashier. Trujillo’s mother, Melanie Griego, also donated $4,000 to the campaign. Those contributions, listing the same Southwest Albuquerque address, represent nearly 40% of the money raised by Pena.
    The night of the shooting at Sen. Linda Lopez’s home in Southwest Albuquerque, Trujillo was arrested by a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputy on a felony warrant. The deputy identified two firearms, several magazines of ammunitions, 893 Fentanyl pills packaged in small baggies, and $3,036 in cash. One of the guns was later connected to the shooting at Sen. Lopez’s home. The deputy concluded that the guns, drugs and cash were consistent with dealing narcotics. Trujillo was booked on Jan. 3, 2023 for his outstanding warrant, as well as a new charge of trafficking in narcotics.”

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