Our Trigger-Happy Military Shot Down a Ham Radio Balloon

Weather balloon

Unfortunately for those who want to believe, it’s looking less and less likely that the U.S. Air Force hit an alien spacecraft when it recently downed a mysterious flying object. Instead, the truth is probably a bit more awkward.

Some observers speculate that the destroyed UFO during the February 11 intercept over Yukon was actually a weather balloon. The news comes as President Joe Biden appeared to tamp down speculation that the flying object was related to a Chinese spy balloon, like one of the other several flying objects the U.S. military recently shot down. (It’s okay if you’re having a hard time remembering which is which.

The old baseball description of how hard it is to keep track of players without a scorecard or a program…applies as thoroughly to the range of lies provided by Uncle Sugar about what’s in our skies besides birds and winged transport.

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