Here comes the media copout!

America’s TV favorites say, “Blame the hardware!”

People in this nation leap to ignorant, uninformed, ill-gotten conclusions. They lap up handy solutions offered by all the professional apologists for mediocre education, reactionary politics.

That presence in American telecommunications is a given. They maintain a thread of analysis with the basic premise – Don’t change anything utilized to support the profit and income stream dedicated to the status quo owners of communications, law and politics. “Don’t worry about that!” And, in turn…the creeps and crawlers of American media will provide us with convenient answers that change nothing essential. Might even rhyme.

Take a moment – as I did, this morning – to peer into the solutions starting to be offered by the tastemakers, the profiteers of the visual and voices side of American media. MORNING JOE’s solution to all of our problems, this morning? Ban the iPhone!

It’s just a fucking device, you incompetent! The medium ain’t the message. The message is always just as corrupt as the people who control the media utilized to communicate with – and control – the populace in general. Changing the hardware doesn’t change the message. Jerk!

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