See a horse wearing pants? It’s not a fashion statement.

“Humans suffer from the exact same type of lymphedema horses do, but the difference is that human medicine has a very effective treatment option—pneumatic compression devices,” Lauren Schnabel says. “So we wanted to create a horse-specific version of those devices and see if it would be similarly effective.”…

Lymphedema is the accumulation of excess lymph fluid which causes swollen limbs. In a pilot study the device, called the EQ Press, successfully moved fluid up the horses’ limbs and into the lymph nodes. This could lead to relief for horses with chronic conditions, as well as with temporary swelling due to injury or inactivity…

The full EQ Press system comprises custom garments designed to accommodate the front and rear limbs of horses. Powered by pumps that tuck into a saddle pad, the device creates cycles of dynamic pressure waves that start at the bottom of the limb and move up, forcing fluid up the limb and eliminating backflow.

I must admit, though…it’s a pretty stylish look, as well.

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