Sith gun robh so…

OK, this post was supposed to be a sort of farewell. I’m not blogging, nowadays, at any of the major websites I’ve been associated with for years. I’m certainly old enough to worry more about dropping dead than meeting deadlines. Though the “feeling good” side of my health equation prevails.

What I’m about to try is taking the sourcing side of blog creation and using that info as a simplified post here at So far, the only problem I’m encountering is the manic spell checker inside Safari. Persistent, looney and consuming extra time required to check the spell checker’s presumptions.

***** ***** *****

That didn’t work. Wanted to uplift every source and park it in Twitter. Link back to it online. NO reasonable means of doing that, yet. Backing halfway out of methods involving Twitter software and going back into MacOS handles.

*****   *****   *****

All right.  If my newest system works, there will be a post at 7PM about election deniers.  Matching an item I already posted in TWITTER.

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