2 thoughts on “War Pigs

  1. eideard says:

    Dedicated…as always…to the religious nutters who think their “thoughts and prayers” achieve even the slightest bit of positive change in our society. Tell that to folks in Nashville who cared for the kids and adults murdered in yet another school shooting.

    I’m a gun owner. I only keep a couple to protect myself if some religious zealot goes on a rampage killing people who aren’t fascist-minded enough to turn society back to the 19th Century. The likelihood is they might be coming for me and my family. That said, I can tolerate, have tolerated, bullshit bureaucratic procedures designed to check out folks acquiring weapons legally. That much can be supported easily enough.

  2. eideard says:

    Just noticed (over at the side of my WordPress page) the alphabetic listing of potential tags for posts contains the line: “police racism Republican”. Even the alphabet gets American politics right!

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