Feet still growing at 85?!

Must be. Sizes that worked 5 years ago [at 80 – 12/12+] don’t work anymore. A year ago [at 84 – 13]? Nada! So, I’m going to upsize again and hope I get something that fits. The question will be 14W or 14WW [if available].

Here we go looking @ Amazon…

Note: ordered a pair 14W. Maybe here in another few days. And nothing else matters. Eh?

14Ws got here a day early…from Amazon. Fit and feel great.

2 thoughts on “Feet still growing at 85?!

  1. Paul Ryberg says:

    Best of luck. I’ve gone from 11 1/2 EW to 12, and the latest pair (which seem to be working) are 13, Sheesh.

  2. Ed Campbell says:

    Ordered ’em expressed in from Amazon and they fit just fine. Replaced the factory insoles with (medium thickness) SofSoles and, so far, they feel spot on. I’ll get started walking about La Cieneguilla, with them, tomorrow morning.

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